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Catalog of Storying Resources

2019 CatalogClick on “Continue Reading” to see Catalog items for Bible Storying. Order from SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com

Workers in the Harvest: Missionary Training for Church Members — A book that serves as a guide to seven tasks. A Bible-based resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. They in turn, will not only work in the harvest fields in their own community, they will also be used of the Lord to call out other workers. these seven tasks require sacrifice, but one that missionaries will find affirming. $7.00 each — Quantity discounts available.

Character for Missional Living:  Character failure continues to plague church leaders, even missionaries. This study uses Bible stories to address 10 biblical character traits. If you believe everyone should be a missionary, then this is a significant step toward training them like one! Great accessory study to “Workers in the Harvest.” Half-day Retreat or 10-session Bible study.  Ask for the free sampler. Reduced Price: $16.95

Prayer Works: Connecting with God: Experience prayer that works. Connecting with God is a time of listening and interacting. Take your prayer-life to a whole new level with this 8-week study in God’s Word. Begins with the basics, includes elements like fasting and prayerwalking, and ends with prayer for spiritual awakening in your community. 8 sessions $12.95

TruthSticks Quarterly Leader Guide: Lead your small group through the Bible every quarter of the year. Helps a Sunday School class transition to Bible Storying. Prompts are here for planning and multiplying the group. Each Bible story after story is applicable to issues facing real people with real needs. Each lesson is accompanied by a teaching picture. Review the entire TruthSticks Guide for free.  If you use it, pay just $14.95.

Jesus is Enough: For those with a Roman Catholic Background: 35-week Bible study that blurs the lines between evangelism and discipleship. Provide an opportunity for studying critical issues in a relational environment. Some issues are barriers to faith in Christ, such as works versus grace. Other issues form bridges to the faith such as a common understanding of the Trinity. Your Roman Catholic friends will be intrigued while those who have come out of the Catholic Church will appreciate a custom-made study. $49.95

Family Time Devotions: Start your spiritual legacy in your own home. The Bible story becomes the focal point of your family’s weekly get-togethers. Includes sample story script, dialogue prompts (head-heart-hands), and goes through the Bible chronologically in one year. (52 simplified Bible studies) $19.95

Go Story! Mission Team Training: Use Bible Storying in a mission setting. Each team member is to master five stories. Includes tips for passports, obtaining visas, learning Bible Storying – a complete kit! Tested by three churches with great results, including one church who sent students to a West Africa unreached people group. (13 sessions with a 5-sessions option) $39.95

Collegiate 1 and Collegiate 2 — Two 13-week panoramas of the Bible for university students. This is FREE to students who will conduct at least 13 sessions each semester. Some campus ministries may want students to conduct them every other week, so that everyone in their Bible study has the opportunity to conduct their own study the next week. Each lesson has a Bible story and open-ended discussion questions. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare each lesson to facilitate reproducibility. Free for the taking from SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com.

Heroes & Villains – Experience victory in life! Bible heroes are presented in a new light with everyday practical applications. Your small group participants will transform their lives by grasping these Bible Truths. 8 sessions $12.95

What is Gods Will? –Followers of Jesus do not have to worry about discerning the will of God. Your small group will find direction. 8 sessions $12.95

Helping Without Hurting – Meeting human need as followers of Jesus that benefits the “haves” as well as the “have-nots” at home and abroad. Your small group will be challenged to have a faith that engages need. 8 sessions $12.95

Spiritual Warfare – Never again worry about Satan’s influence in your life, your family, or your church as you align yourself with God’s power. 8 sessions $12.95

The Elderlyand You – This Bible study was developed primarily for the elderly and possibly for their family or caregivers. The senior generation can live in victory in light of faith in Jesus Christ despite facing serious health issues and spiritual questions. This Bible study uses Bible Storying methods to communicate God’s plan for all peoples, especially the elderly. Presented in large print only. 8 sessions $12.95

Church Ministries: The biblical basis of why churches do specific ministries. This study has been called an “oral MasterLife” because it presents the Ministries of the Disciples Cross. 8 sessions $12.95

Multiplying Disciples: Making Disciples Like Jesus Did: Lead your church to study what it means to follow Jesus through getting involved, explaining, coaching, supporting, and empowering. Over time this relationship will shift so that the disciple-maker can model, assist, watch, and finally leave the disciples to disciple others. This series is intended as a follow-up to the 8-session “Church Ministries” study, but can stand alone.  8 sessions $12.95

CATCHING FIRE: New Believers: The basics of following Jesus: baptism, the Lord’s Supper, daily prayer and time in God’s Word, the need for witnessing, and many other foundations. Start new believers on the right walk with Christ!  (12 sessions plus a bonus evangelism workshop—considered an “oral” T4T – Training for Trainers) Ask for the overview and free trial samples in this innovative kit. $29.95

ORDERING INFORMATION: Email me to request a sampler, training details, or a resource. In most cases, prices are for each small group leader using the resource. I will be glad to email it to you as a PDF file attachment. I’ll invoice you separately and request that you pay by check. I grant licenses for self-printed or electronic copies. That’s it. SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com


About Mark Snowden

TruthSticks originated from the book I co-authored with the late Avery Willis. Truth That Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truths in a Teflon World was the book and this blog and Bible studies have resulted. It's great to be partnering with churches who are committed to making disciple-makers. Request a catalog of Bible studies using orality at SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com.


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