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TruthSticks Training – workshop info

TTS Trg Sq    TruthSticks Training is a comprehensive training program that uses five learning zones. Each one builds on the other. You can’t show up for the second half and know what’s going on. It’s an intentional day of exploring and evaluating and growing.

   It’s a safe environment among other believers to take a hard look and ask, “Are we making disciples who can lead others to make disciples, too?” This takes time and that one-day event kick starts the change process that can only be personally experienced to understand.

   Details on planned training workshops are here: http://ion2008.ning.com/events 

   Simply put:

What is the need? Churches are almost irrelevant in today’s society. Believers typically don’t learn in a way that they can remember or pass along.

What is the remedy? The Holy Spirit works through God’s Word in story form and using oral learning methods.

What will we be taught? TruthSticks Training uses five learning zones to introduce orality and storying techniques.

How will we be taught? TruthSticks Training is unique using experiential learning methods to model the storying session and disciple-making process, minimizing lecture.

What difference will it make in your ministries? Your church will learn to make disciples like Jesus did—using stories in obedience to the Great Commission.

Who should attend? In a word — disciple-makers! This is for those who share their faith, lead Bible study classes, lead churches, missionaries, missions volunteers, and anyone who wants to be a catalyst for kingdom growth.

Training is usually held on Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and includes a light lunch. Check out this blog’s “CATEGORIES” and “1TRAINING EVENTS” for one near you. Or contact Mark Snowden to schedule an event for believers in your community at SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com.


About Mark Snowden

TruthSticks originated from the book I co-authored with the late Avery Willis. Truth That Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truths in a Teflon World was the book and this blog and Bible studies have resulted. It's great to be partnering with churches who are committed to making disciple-makers. Request a catalog of Bible studies using orality at SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com.


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