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Increasing Church Planting!

Last summer, I was blessed to train 19 church leaders in a method that could start churches on a shoestring. Within 90 days, they had planted a biker church and a Hispanic church. Of the group trained, the majority were rank and file church members. And that was done intentionally. Should everyone be a disciple-maker? Yes! … Continue reading

Can Church Members Start Churches?

Church members need to be discipled in church planting. Jesus trained His disciples by sending out the Twelve and then the 70 in pairs (Matthew 9, Luke 10). When He gave the Great Commission, they were ready (Matthew 28:18-20). Why not make disciples who can be used of God in church planting? Now, when I … Continue reading

The WIGtake Question

David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements, introduced me to WIGtake. It was a phrase being kicked around by missions strategists. The WIGtake question is “What’s It Gonna take to reach a people group with the Gospel?” Prayerfully ask the WIGtake question needed to spiritually transform lives and bring spiritual awakening to your community. A strategy is … Continue reading

Awakening to the need for Orality in our Churches

In Montreal in February 2010, I tore pages out of a novel and gave it to the 60 people attending the very first TruthSticks storying workshop. (The training was ahead of the book’s release.) I asked them to tell me what they thought the book was about based on that single page that they held in their … Continue reading

Benefits of Bible Storying

Benefits: Churches that use Bible Storying methods as described in TruthSticks Training benefit in these ways: 1. Simplifies the discipleship process. You don’t have to be a biblical expert to lead a small group. 2. Multiplies small groups leading to numerical growth. New leaders are constantly mentored. Each new group must examine three outcomes: Can … Continue reading

Evangelizing that is Reproducible and Sustainable

     Many learn Bible Storying in order to use the technique on mission trips. What they learn in the States should be used to accelerate response to the gospel. And the same principles used there should also work in our own backyards, too.      Two concepts should drive everything that is taught and caught: Reproducibility: … Continue reading

Influencing Pastors to Rethink Orality

While I was attending a Purpose Driven Church workshop in 2005, I heard Rick Warren tell attendees to place greeters at their church doors that represented the kind of person that they wanted their church to attract. If that’s 90 year-old men, then that’s okay. Now, who do you think that literacy-oriented pastors attract? Two … Continue reading

Introducing NAG-LAG

   One way to improve your Bible Storying is to view each session as an opportunity for NAG-LAG. This is an acronym for iN A Group – Lead a Group. Okay, I cheated on the “iN” part, but IAG-LAG doesn’t have the same ring.    NAG: Most participants understand the concept of being in a … Continue reading

Story in the City

The latest technology reports are in and purchases of mobile phones and apps are at all-time highs. Apple is the most alluring thing since the Garden of Eden. There’s not a bite out of the side of that logo for nothing. But the latest relationship reports are also in and countries with the most technology … Continue reading

Why You’re after more than Bible Stories

Get better results by knowing your purpose. To paraphrase a fishing quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Many leaders tell Bible stories without knowing that it is not Bible stories they are after.” Are you wanting to evangelize? Evangelize. Disciple a new believer? Disciple. Mentor a new pastor? Mentor. After a training session in Texas, a … Continue reading