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Workers in the Harvest

Missionaries working in Turkey once took me to the place where they believe Paul received his “Macedonian Call,” which Luke recorded in Acts 16. The hill looked out over straits that separated us in Asia from a gray sliver of land over in Europe. Most of us with a European heritage appreciate the Westward advance … Continue reading

How Orality Gives You a More Powerful Testimony

Your testimony is a powerful story. But it is so often neglected. In evangelism training that I lead, I often hear well-intentioned men and women give their testimony. But if you put on what you know about orality, there are vivid clues on how to improve how a follower of Jesus communicates their personal conversion experience. We live … Continue reading

Lead from the Front

Maj. James Howard called St. Louis home and became a Flying Tiger ace in China. He went on to become a P-51B fighter pilot in World War II. During one mission, he was separated from his squadron, but found the lead B-17 Flying Fortress bomber group. Each bomber had 30 men on board and there … Continue reading

The Resources are in the Harvest

What would a map of those you’ve led to faith in Jesus look like? A believer in Texas shared this hand drawn “map” of those he had shared Christ with and who had passed it along. Those he witnessed to were in red and the second “generation” was in blue and so on. This all … Continue reading

Five reasons why orality can transform your community with the Gospel

A guy you know has just asked a spiritual question. You can lecture on doctrine, but the Holy Spirit is prompting you to use a Bible story. Can you respond casually, but not come off as canned? And how can you get from one encounter to transforming those throughout your community with the Gospel? You … Continue reading

Helping Volunteers Succeed

Standing on a hillside in a large country in East Asia, I scanned the horizon at dusk and could see the smoky home fires of six million unengaged people. To my knowledge, none of them had a relationship with Jesus. The Christian worker beside me asked what I would do to begin widely sowing the … Continue reading

Blurring the Lines between Evangelism and Discipleship

Is it possible that discipleship precedes evangelism? When it comes to relational small groups that use Bible Storying, it HAS to be that way. I believe that discipleship begins prior to conversion. Some may call this pre-evangelism. Yes, to a point. However, a non-Christian can observe those who are born again and begin counting the … Continue reading

Setting Priorities that Transform

There’s a great missions video clip giving missions quotes. (The link is at the bottom.) My favorite was by Oswald J. Smith: “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard about the first.” That quote stabs at my heart. So many have never heard the Gospel of Jesus! Job #1 is … Continue reading

Why Story THAT Story?

Why do you tell the Bible stories that you tell? Did you practice a few in a training session and just haven’t quite gotten around to learning others? Are they just so familiar that you can evoke emotions each time you tell your favorite one so you just stick with the proven “winner”? Are you … Continue reading

Evangelizing Children with Bible Stories, part two

After a luncheon meeting with pastors recently, a ministry leader pulled me aside and asked about evangelizing children. I mentioned Bible Storying methods as a way to help children have a concrete idea of what Jesus did on the cross for their salvation. Having multiple opportunities to share stories from God’s Word leads the child … Continue reading