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Science Fiction is Good for You

George Lucas’ Star Wars, Episode VII movie (Disney) has set record sales. You probably saw the movie. The Snowden men all gathered over Christmas and saw it. And it certainly got me wondering if science fiction does more than entertain. A research project published in Science refuted thinking that literary fiction was a waste of … Continue reading

Helping Volunteers Succeed

Standing on a hillside in a large country in East Asia, I scanned the horizon at dusk and could see the smoky home fires of six million unengaged people. To my knowledge, none of them had a relationship with Jesus. The Christian worker beside me asked what I would do to begin widely sowing the … Continue reading

Using Pictures in Bible Storying

When I became a follower of Jesus at age 7, I clearly remember one very bloody picture at Jesus’ crucifixion. The picture was in the Bible I kept by my bed. There were a number of biblically-accurate paintings that have stuck with me to this day. Pictures convey powerful images that can trigger emotions that … Continue reading

Using Visuals

Who taught you the following ideas? Light bulb over a person’s head means a good idea Guy wearing red and holding a pitchfork is the devil Number 13 is bad luck Bride is the woman in the white dress Reading goes from left to right But what if you’re from another culture? Things go bump. … Continue reading

Going for Local Materials

   A missionary artist in West Africa taught me how to walk into a local market empty-handed and walk out with indigenous materials. She would look for scraps of fabric, discarded candy wrappers, plants with staining qualities useful for painting, and newsprint used in wrapping fish. All of these “treasures” work because they are obtainable … Continue reading

Evangelizing that is Reproducible and Sustainable

     Many learn Bible Storying in order to use the technique on mission trips. What they learn in the States should be used to accelerate response to the gospel. And the same principles used there should also work in our own backyards, too.      Two concepts should drive everything that is taught and caught: Reproducibility: … Continue reading

Catalog of Storying Resources

Click on “Continue Reading” to see Catalog items for Bible Storying. Order from SnowdenMinistries@gmail.com Workers in the Harvest: Missionary Training for Church Members — A book that serves as a guide to seven tasks. A Bible-based resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. They in turn, will not … Continue reading

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Click on “Continue Reading” to open this listing of many videos on Orality and Bible Storying. 8-PART SERIES: Orality and Bible Storying – 50 minute lectures with PowerPoint (2011)   Session 1 — Orality http://www.e-quip.net/presentations/show/2901   Session 2 – N.A.R.R.A.T.I.V.E http://www.e-quip.net/presentations/show/2902   Session 3 – The Power of Worldview http://www.e-quip.net/presentations/show/2903   Session 4 – Determining … Continue reading

Media that Complicate Disciplemaking

What about using teaching pictures, flannelgraph, storying cloths, timelines, video clips, audio players, movies, and a number of other really cool media? My stock answer requires three conditions: #1: Contextualization works: The media that are used must be relevant. Generic tools have their place, but if they cannot be easily understood by the average people … Continue reading