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Do No Harm Among People in Need

A science fiction story once described an astronaut-type volunteer who was able to step into an alternate universe. As a reminder of home, his wife at the last moment handed him their baby’s rattle. In this world, the sound it made was cute and harmless. However, when the rattle was shaken in that other world, … Continue reading

Workers in the Harvest

Missionaries working in Turkey once took me to the place where they believe Paul received his “Macedonian Call,” which Luke recorded in Acts 16. The hill looked out over straits that separated us in Asia from a gray sliver of land over in Europe. Most of us with a European heritage appreciate the Westward advance … Continue reading

Ministering among Today’s Prodigals

Even something as simple as checking into a hotel can have kingdom implications. Here’s a story of what God did in one young man’s life: A young man saw me carrying my Bible and said that if I was a preacher, he sure needed to talk to someone before he did something drastic. We stepped … Continue reading

Helping Volunteers Succeed

Standing on a hillside in a large country in East Asia, I scanned the horizon at dusk and could see the smoky home fires of six million unengaged people. To my knowledge, none of them had a relationship with Jesus. The Christian worker beside me asked what I would do to begin widely sowing the … Continue reading

Evangelizing Children with Bible Stories, part one

Children are wired to be oral. If you have preschoolers you’ll likely hear their pleas not to just tell a story, but to tell it again! In Truth That Sticks, Avery Willis and I wrote, “The world is doing a better job of discipling our children to popular culture than the church does in discipling … Continue reading

Powerful Insights into Gospel Advance

Bible Storying has its roots in missions. If you made a list of the most powerful insights into modern-day gospel advance what would your list look like? My list has been influenced by many godly thinkers that filter over into Bible Storying. Do whatever it takes. –Chuck Fisher (circa 1999) Use the right methods from … Continue reading

Evangelizing that is Reproducible and Sustainable

     Many learn Bible Storying in order to use the technique on mission trips. What they learn in the States should be used to accelerate response to the gospel. And the same principles used there should also work in our own backyards, too.      Two concepts should drive everything that is taught and caught: Reproducibility: … Continue reading

Story in the City

The latest technology reports are in and purchases of mobile phones and apps are at all-time highs. Apple is the most alluring thing since the Garden of Eden. There’s not a bite out of the side of that logo for nothing. But the latest relationship reports are also in and countries with the most technology … Continue reading

Why You’re after more than Bible Stories

Get better results by knowing your purpose. To paraphrase a fishing quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Many leaders tell Bible stories without knowing that it is not Bible stories they are after.” Are you wanting to evangelize? Evangelize. Disciple a new believer? Disciple. Mentor a new pastor? Mentor. After a training session in Texas, a … Continue reading