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How Orality Gives You a More Powerful Testimony

Your testimony is a powerful story. But it is so often neglected. In evangelism training that I lead, I often hear well-intentioned men and women give their testimony. But if you put on what you know about orality, there are vivid clues on how to improve how a follower of Jesus communicates their personal conversion experience. We live … Continue reading

Mattering: Is Your Approach Relevant?

Does what you do matter to others? Are you relevant? While I was attending a Purpose Driven Church workshop in 2005, I heard Rick Warren tell attendees to place greeters at their church doors that represented the kind of person that they wanted their church to attract. If that’s 90 year-old men, then that’s okay. … Continue reading

But can you make disciples?

It was an honor to meet recently with a young pastor from southwestern Missouri. He wanted to know how he could get his church to become active witnesses for Christ. He had a pen and paper and was ready to write down a training program or book he could use. However, my advice was to … Continue reading

The Unreached Half: Wrenching Statistics on Literacy in America

Half of all Americans struggle with reading skills. Yet, our churches remain geared to the highest literacy levels. No wonder unchurched Americans tune out approaches from Christians! We relate information in the ways we prefer to deliver it, rather than in the ways those who need it most want to receive it. Yet there are … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Use an Oral Approach

Many church leaders wonder how they could be more effective as witnesses and in making disciples. Consider these five issues for using an oral approach to evangelism and discipleship. Reading Ability: At least 50% of the adults in the U.S. must be considered oral learners because they have no literacy or limited literacy skills. If … Continue reading

Basics for a New Believer

Quick, name everything you learned in the first couple of months after accepting Jesus as Lord! For me, it was all about the information, the facts; Bible knowledge. For others, it’s learning how to “behave” and drop bad habits. Still others just want to have a better moral compass. Where’s the personal relationship? My wife … Continue reading

Ministering among Today’s Prodigals

Even something as simple as checking into a hotel can have kingdom implications. Here’s a story of what God did in one young man’s life: A young man saw me carrying my Bible and said that if I was a preacher, he sure needed to talk to someone before he did something drastic. We stepped … Continue reading

What does success look like?

This week it was a joy to participate in a video conference with a godly church consultant. This leader has helped many churches and organizations shape their structure and effectiveness. He’s written a number of thought-provoking books, too. I had an encounter with this man about a year ago, but didn’t mention it when we … Continue reading

How will you get your church to start using orality?

It was a pleasure to introduce Bible Storying and key orality issues to more than 125 independent church pastors in Canada. In a Question & Answer time, I asked, “How will you begin to implement this in your church?” There was a chuckle in the room. It had me curious, but I waited for an … Continue reading

Escaping the Death Grip of Analysis

Ray Neu was doing a masterful job describing the beauty of a Bible story in Simply the Story training. Ray pantomimed his hands in a way that looked like he was holding an imaginary butterfly. He described its grace and beauty. Then he began to wonder aloud what made the butterfly work? He ripped off … Continue reading