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Escaping the Death Grip of Analysis

Ray Neu was doing a masterful job describing the beauty of a Bible story in Simply the Story training. Ray pantomimed his hands in a way that looked like he was holding an imaginary butterfly. He described its grace and beauty. Then he began to wonder aloud what made the butterfly work? He ripped off … Continue reading

Five reasons why orality can transform your community with the Gospel

A guy you know has just asked a spiritual question. You can lecture on doctrine, but the Holy Spirit is prompting you to use a Bible story. Can you respond casually, but not come off as canned? And how can you get from one encounter to transforming those throughout your community with the Gospel? You … Continue reading

Prayer Through the Orality Lens

What role does prayer uniquely play among oral-preference learners? Even Jesus’ disciples observed John the Baptist’s disciples who were praying and wanted Jesus’ teaching, too (Luke 11:1). Prayer lessons used to disciple me were developed by scholars who were among the 13% of Americans that are proficient at reading. It has shaped how I pray. … Continue reading

Etching God’s Word

   Got a song stuck in your head? “I’m Henry the Eighth I am. Henry the Eighth I am I am…” [If that’s new to you, here’s Herman’s Hermits on the Ed Sullivan Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GisCRxREDkY%5D Okay, now you do (sorry!). It’s not an accident or some sinister mind control game. Scientists call these repeating loops … Continue reading

Lecture at your own risk–and theirs

Lecture-based teaching hasn’t been working well in disciple-making that is reproducible. Lecture seems to work best in attracting followers of Jesus who rely on the teacher for their spiritual growth. It makes sense that attractional churches would want attractional Bible study teachers. Force-feeding doctrine wasn’t Jesus’ method and it shouldn’t be ours, either. My wife … Continue reading

Good Selection or Good Story?

The five “standard” dialogue questions were not on anyone’s radar back when I learned Bible Storying 20 years ago. Yet, everyone using Bible Storying was finding tremendous results. Here are the standard five dialogue questions: What did you like? What did you not like? (What troubled you?) What did you learn about God? What did … Continue reading

Using Pictures in Bible Storying

When I became a follower of Jesus at age 7, I clearly remember one very bloody picture at Jesus’ crucifixion. The picture was in the Bible I kept by my bed. There were a number of biblically-accurate paintings that have stuck with me to this day. Pictures convey powerful images that can trigger emotions that … Continue reading

Reading Deficiency and Bible Storying

After attending a TruthSticks Training in Bolivar, Mo., in September 2012, a godly lady with her doctorate in nursing began storying with those who are in Celebrate Recovery, a biblically-based addiction program in her church in Golden, Mo. They have begun using Story Thru the Bible, a collection of 52 Bible stories by Walk Thru … Continue reading

Awakening to the need for Orality in our Churches

In Montreal in February 2010, I tore pages out of a novel and gave it to the 60 people attending the very first TruthSticks storying workshop. (The training was ahead of the book’s release.) I asked them to tell me what they thought the book was about based on that single page that they held in their … Continue reading

Safeguarding Scripture in Stories

It has been said that the only people trying to alter scripture are people with seminary degrees. Most church members that I know leading small groups that use Bible Storying are terrified to be inaccurate. They work really hard to stick to the Scripture or Bible lesson. I was a writer for LifeWay for three … Continue reading