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Preaching for Oral Learners

At a pastor’s conference recently, I was assigned Orality in Preaching. What I didn’t know is that I would be following a preaching professor. Okay, he was the keynote and I led a breakout, but I still had 15 eager pastors attending my session. The interesting thing to me was that the preaching professor didn’t … Continue reading

Does Your Small Group Stink?

Have you noticed the abundance of anti-stinking going on in our world? From underarms to kitty litter, we are barraged with odors to avoid. Then we are hit with the latest manly colognes, sexy perfumes, and plug-in air fresheners. At least one major auto-maker gives scientists big bucks just to manufacture new car smells. What … Continue reading

Of Hooks and Clubs

Last summer, I was invited to be the “storyteller” at an evangelistic block party in a rural Missouri town. I had four sessions. In the first one, I cut out a golden calf from gold foil wrapping paper and was good to go. Well, I asked what an idol was and explained that God didn’t like … Continue reading

What does success look like?

This week it was a joy to participate in a video conference with a godly church consultant. This leader has helped many churches and organizations shape their structure and effectiveness. He’s written a number of thought-provoking books, too. I had an encounter with this man about a year ago, but didn’t mention it when we … Continue reading

How will you get your church to start using orality?

It was a pleasure to introduce Bible Storying and key orality issues to more than 125 independent church pastors in Canada. In a Question & Answer time, I asked, “How will you begin to implement this in your church?” There was a chuckle in the room. It had me curious, but I waited for an … Continue reading

Revolution Requirement #4 of 10: Expect Attacks

Our culture is full of pithy sayings about revolutionary leaders catching grief: “Parked cars don’t get chased.” Think Iditarod on this one: “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.” And then the foreboding line: “The tallest blade of grass gets cut first.” The Orality Revolution should expect attacks. Here are a few firsthand … Continue reading

Helping Volunteers Succeed

Standing on a hillside in a large country in East Asia, I scanned the horizon at dusk and could see the smoky home fires of six million unengaged people. To my knowledge, none of them had a relationship with Jesus. The Christian worker beside me asked what I would do to begin widely sowing the … Continue reading

Blurring the Lines between Evangelism and Discipleship

Is it possible that discipleship precedes evangelism? When it comes to relational small groups that use Bible Storying, it HAS to be that way. I believe that discipleship begins prior to conversion. Some may call this pre-evangelism. Yes, to a point. However, a non-Christian can observe those who are born again and begin counting the … Continue reading

Good Selection or Good Story?

The five “standard” dialogue questions were not on anyone’s radar back when I learned Bible Storying 20 years ago. Yet, everyone using Bible Storying was finding tremendous results. Here are the standard five dialogue questions: What did you like? What did you not like? (What troubled you?) What did you learn about God? What did … Continue reading

Why Story THAT Story?

Why do you tell the Bible stories that you tell? Did you practice a few in a training session and just haven’t quite gotten around to learning others? Are they just so familiar that you can evoke emotions each time you tell your favorite one so you just stick with the proven “winner”? Are you … Continue reading