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Safeguarding Scripture in Stories

It has been said that the only people trying to alter scripture are people with seminary degrees. Most church members that I know leading small groups that use Bible Storying are terrified to be inaccurate. They work really hard to stick to the Scripture or Bible lesson. I was a writer for LifeWay for three … Continue reading

Using Bible Portions that Aren’t Oral

There are 500 to 700 stories in the Bible. I’m the guy that counted them. Okay, it might be tough to story the book of Numbers with its lists, I’ll admit. But take a new look at using Psalms, Proverbs, and the epistles. They contain doctrine that is very important. Begin by asking, “What is my … Continue reading

Using Visuals

Who taught you the following ideas? Light bulb over a person’s head means a good idea Guy wearing red and holding a pitchfork is the devil Number 13 is bad luck Bride is the woman in the white dress Reading goes from left to right But what if you’re from another culture? Things go bump. … Continue reading

Beware Orality Wannabes

   Have you noticed that the use of “story” in titles is hot stuff? Some even use it in their subtitles to draw interest. Be on your guard that not all “story” materials are useful in addressing orality. They’re just gimmicky and often misleading.    Not saying these guys are wrong, but typical of capturing … Continue reading

Extending Challenges

How do you end your Bible Storying session? What do you expect from your participants? Small group leaders avoid “preaching and teaching,” but engage the group with probing questions. Some questions can be like lobbing a fireball over the wall and watching the sparks fly! Sometimes questions can lead to the need for more Bible … Continue reading

To Background or Not to Background

Your small group leaders just asked you for Bible background material to start a new Bible Storying series with his group. Your mind races to the expositional, verse-by-verse material you’ve often read as a teacher prior to Bible Storying. Should you provide it or not? You weigh the benefits and consequences. On one hand, it … Continue reading

Gapping Gaping Gaps

During family devotions on the spies in Canaan, a teenager lurched forward, “You mean that there’s a Caleb in the Bible?” She happened to be dating a guy by that name and the story suddenly had new relevance. This young lady knew about the exodus and the 10 commandments, but there was a gap in … Continue reading