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5 Tips for Opening those Closed Groups

A farmhand convinced the rancher to eat lunch right after breakfast so they’d have more time in the back 40 digging in fence posts. And then he convinced him to eat supper, too. But after dinner, the farmhand went to bed. The rancher found his bunk. “What do you mean going to bed after three … Continue reading

In the Furnace

After interviewing five men from Central Asia in refugee camps, I asked them what would attract them to actually listen to Bible stories on the radio. After suggesting five or six options, I asked, “Would you listen to conversion testimonies from Muslims, even Muslim religious leaders?” Their eyes grew wide. One asked through an interpreter, … Continue reading

Equipping for Engagement

The pastor across the table from me saw no need for equipping evangelism team members in his church. He was only concerned that they get out among the lost. “We just let our people learn about missions while they’re doing missions. They grow spiritually when they do missionary work. I don’t mind them meeting to … Continue reading

Of Hooks and Clubs

Last summer, I was invited to be the “storyteller” at an evangelistic block party in a rural Missouri town. I had four sessions. In the first one, I cut out a golden calf from gold foil wrapping paper and was good to go. Well, I asked what an idol was and explained that God didn’t like … Continue reading

Teaching the Lesson or Making Disciples?

My Sunday School teacher called early on a Saturday morning. “Mark, my store was broken into and completely vandalized. It’ll take days to repair. If you don’t teach tomorrow, then we won’t have Sunday School. How ‘bout it?” I agreed, but only out of pity. Prior to that moment, I had only taught a third … Continue reading

Ministering among Today’s Prodigals

Even something as simple as checking into a hotel can have kingdom implications. Here’s a story of what God did in one young man’s life: A young man saw me carrying my Bible and said that if I was a preacher, he sure needed to talk to someone before he did something drastic. We stepped … Continue reading

What does success look like?

This week it was a joy to participate in a video conference with a godly church consultant. This leader has helped many churches and organizations shape their structure and effectiveness. He’s written a number of thought-provoking books, too. I had an encounter with this man about a year ago, but didn’t mention it when we … Continue reading

How will you get your church to start using orality?

It was a pleasure to introduce Bible Storying and key orality issues to more than 125 independent church pastors in Canada. In a Question & Answer time, I asked, “How will you begin to implement this in your church?” There was a chuckle in the room. It had me curious, but I waited for an … Continue reading

Escaping the Death Grip of Analysis

Ray Neu was doing a masterful job describing the beauty of a Bible story in Simply the Story training. Ray pantomimed his hands in a way that looked like he was holding an imaginary butterfly. He described its grace and beauty. Then he began to wonder aloud what made the butterfly work? He ripped off … Continue reading

Helping Volunteers Succeed

Standing on a hillside in a large country in East Asia, I scanned the horizon at dusk and could see the smoky home fires of six million unengaged people. To my knowledge, none of them had a relationship with Jesus. The Christian worker beside me asked what I would do to begin widely sowing the … Continue reading