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Ministering among Today’s Prodigals

Even something as simple as checking into a hotel can have kingdom implications. Here’s a story of what God did in one young man’s life: A young man saw me carrying my Bible and said that if I was a preacher, he sure needed to talk to someone before he did something drastic. We stepped … Continue reading

Safeguarding Scripture in Stories

It has been said that the only people trying to alter scripture are people with seminary degrees. Most church members that I know leading small groups that use Bible Storying are terrified to be inaccurate. They work really hard to stick to the Scripture or Bible lesson. I was a writer for LifeWay for three … Continue reading

Using Bible Portions that Aren’t Oral

There are 500 to 700 stories in the Bible. I’m the guy that counted them. Okay, it might be tough to story the book of Numbers with its lists, I’ll admit. But take a new look at using Psalms, Proverbs, and the epistles. They contain doctrine that is very important. Begin by asking, “What is my … Continue reading

Media that Complicate Disciplemaking

What about using teaching pictures, flannelgraph, storying cloths, timelines, video clips, audio players, movies, and a number of other really cool media? My stock answer requires three conditions: #1: Contextualization works: The media that are used must be relevant. Generic tools have their place, but if they cannot be easily understood by the average people … Continue reading

Where is your child?

Several countries have run campaigns targeting the need for parental supervision of teenagers. They asked, “Do you know where your child is?” As disciplemakers using Bible Storying, we could ask the same thing of those leading small groups. “Do you know where your spiritual child is?” Small group leaders using Bible Storying among believers have … Continue reading