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5 Tips for Opening those Closed Groups

A farmhand convinced the rancher to eat lunch right after breakfast so they’d have more time in the back 40 digging in fence posts. And then he convinced him to eat supper, too. But after dinner, the farmhand went to bed. The rancher found his bunk. “What do you mean going to bed after three … Continue reading

Does Your Small Group Stink?

Have you noticed the abundance of anti-stinking going on in our world? From underarms to kitty litter, we are barraged with odors to avoid. Then we are hit with the latest manly colognes, sexy perfumes, and plug-in air fresheners. At least one major auto-maker gives scientists big bucks just to manufacture new car smells. What … Continue reading

Do No Harm Among People in Need

A science fiction story once described an astronaut-type volunteer who was able to step into an alternate universe. As a reminder of home, his wife at the last moment handed him their baby’s rattle. In this world, the sound it made was cute and harmless. However, when the rattle was shaken in that other world, … Continue reading

Closing the Back Door: Five Keys

In a consultation with a church as they were developing their evangelism strategy, it dawned on me that if their church had been in a community that had not grown numerically, they easily could have closed their doors. Many American communities have grown incredibly in the past decade. If churches in those communities lost two … Continue reading

Mattering: Is Your Approach Relevant?

Does what you do matter to others? Are you relevant? While I was attending a Purpose Driven Church workshop in 2005, I heard Rick Warren tell attendees to place greeters at their church doors that represented the kind of person that they wanted their church to attract. If that’s 90 year-old men, then that’s okay. … Continue reading

Teaching the Lesson or Making Disciples?

My Sunday School teacher called early on a Saturday morning. “Mark, my store was broken into and completely vandalized. It’ll take days to repair. If you don’t teach tomorrow, then we won’t have Sunday School. How ‘bout it?” I agreed, but only out of pity. Prior to that moment, I had only taught a third … Continue reading

How will you get your church to start using orality?

It was a pleasure to introduce Bible Storying and key orality issues to more than 125 independent church pastors in Canada. In a Question & Answer time, I asked, “How will you begin to implement this in your church?” There was a chuckle in the room. It had me curious, but I waited for an … Continue reading

New Birth! Now What?

Praise God if your witness has helped someone surrender to Christ as their Lord and Savior. Now what? Give them a quarterly and plop them in a Sunday School class? Invite them to a one-hour lunch where you run down the ministries that could use their help? Provide a walkthrough so they know your church’s … Continue reading

Revolution Requirement #6 of 10: Empower Leaders

Revolutions bring out the best in those with leadership skills. And a true revolution buys into the idea rather than personalities. But cutting leaders loose with the authority to act is essential. Establish a working strategy that everyone buys into–training, approach, etc. Seek out networks of disciple-makers who are willing to be trained in orality … Continue reading

Revolution Requirement: #5 of 10: Add Value

A Minister of Education pointed to a trashcan with unused leader guides, student quarterlies, and other adult discipleship training “stuff.” He said, “I get so tired of over half of our materials not being used. Isn’t there a better way?” Church leaders, like that Minister of Education, will be attracted to check out the Orality Revolution simply … Continue reading