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Does Your Small Group Stink?

Have you noticed the abundance of anti-stinking going on in our world? From underarms to kitty litter, we are barraged with odors to avoid. Then we are hit with the latest manly colognes, sexy perfumes, and plug-in air fresheners. At least one major auto-maker gives scientists big bucks just to manufacture new car smells. What … Continue reading

Using Pictures in Bible Storying

When I became a follower of Jesus at age 7, I clearly remember one very bloody picture at Jesus’ crucifixion. The picture was in the Bible I kept by my bed. There were a number of biblically-accurate paintings that have stuck with me to this day. Pictures convey powerful images that can trigger emotions that … Continue reading

Using Visuals

Who taught you the following ideas? Light bulb over a person’s head means a good idea Guy wearing red and holding a pitchfork is the devil Number 13 is bad luck Bride is the woman in the white dress Reading goes from left to right But what if you’re from another culture? Things go bump. … Continue reading

Going for Local Materials

   A missionary artist in West Africa taught me how to walk into a local market empty-handed and walk out with indigenous materials. She would look for scraps of fabric, discarded candy wrappers, plants with staining qualities useful for painting, and newsprint used in wrapping fish. All of these “treasures” work because they are obtainable … Continue reading

Media that Complicate Disciplemaking

What about using teaching pictures, flannelgraph, storying cloths, timelines, video clips, audio players, movies, and a number of other really cool media? My stock answer requires three conditions: #1: Contextualization works: The media that are used must be relevant. Generic tools have their place, but if they cannot be easily understood by the average people … Continue reading